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Things you might want to know about solar power

What is photovoltaic?
Photovoltaic (solar electricity) technology is considered to be the most promising and elegant means of renewable energy production for the future. It provides an easy and reliable way of converting sunlight directly into electricity.

How does photovoltaic technology benefit me?
It allows you to generate electricity for your home or business, independent of your utility company. As the world’s energy needs increase, energy prices are steadily rising and becoming volatile.
Solar energy is the answer! By generating your own electricity, you can take an important step in helping to protect yourself against an uncertain energy future.
Turning sunlight into power

What rebates or incentives apply to my system?
Federal, State, and Municipal incentives combined may save you 30 to 80% on the acquisition costs of your system. Please click on Photovoltaics/Incentives for specifics.

What is net metering?
Net metering measures the difference between the amount of electricity you buy from your local utility and the amount you generate from your solar electric system. With net metering you are only charged for the net amount of electricity you use. Metering is done either annually or monthly. Currently net metering is offered in more than 35 states.
Living with solar energy

What happens to the electricity that I do not use during a given day?
If your state offers net metering, you will receive credit for all the unused electricity which you created. This credit will be used to offset the times in which your electricity consumption was more than the amount of electricity your system produced (e.g. Evening ). At the end of the month or year, depending on your state, you will pay just the net difference.

How do I maintain my system?
SunTechnics systems are low maintenance. Generally, it is only necessary to spray down the solar panels at regular intervals to remove any debris and dust. Depending on the location of your system, an annual cleaning may suffice. Please refer to your owner’s manual for more information or feel free to contact us.
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