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Incentives for clean power


Renewable energy solar systems help businesses benefit from PV solar. Over time, energy efficiency will reduce costs of operation conserving cash previously needed to pay for energy. Solar energy can provide energy in areas where it is costly to connect to the grid and help reduce demand charges for your business.

Federal Tax Credit
The Federal government offers a 30% rebate of the net system cost of solar power systems.

Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System (MACRS)
An additional tax credit advantage of an accelerated 5-year depreciation of your net solar system investment. These provisions are found in IRC section 179.


A 5 kilowatt photovoltaic electric system can supply a typical home with up to 60% of electric needs. Each year, a 5kW system eliminates approximately:

14,753 pounds of CO2
20.6 pounds of NOX
81.6 pounds of SO4.

This is the equivalent to planting two acres of trees! Whether you are planning new construction or interested in solar design and installation on your current residence, SunTechnics can work with you on a solar solution to fit your budget and your renewable energy needs.

Investing into the future with solar


Solar Programs in various states have been developed to assist in up-front investment costs. SunTechnics assists their clients with obtaining rebates and grants. Please visit the following websites to find information about state and local programs for which you may be eligible.

Federal Tax Credit

Homeowners receive a 30% tax credit of the net system price, with a $2,000 cap.

* Incentives are subject to change without notice. Please confirm current incentives with your solar advisor.

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