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Welcome to the SunTechnics Energy Systems newsroom

In this newsroom you will be able to review our current press releases, download media kit information, and installation images.

For additional media information or interviews, please contact Jyl Safier, Sr. Marketing Manager at 720-305-0711 or

Media kit pages

Press Releases


Conergy Americas Announces Brand Integration of Sister Organization, SunTechnics


3 Phases Energy and SunTechnics dedicate The Army’s largest solar project at Fort Carson.


The EOS Estate Winery converts entirely to Solar Power


Learn about Solar this Summer in your town!
Solar Party Tour-Summer 2007


SunTechnics to build the third largest solar farm on the US West Coast at SSJID


Solar Electricity with 10-Year Guarantee


SunTechnics’ purchase of Aztec Solar marks transformation of Solar Thermal Industry in California


Dongyang Holding commissions SunTechnics with the turnkey construction of a 20-megawatt solar power plant in South Korea


SunTechnics US Operations Expands to East Coast


SunTechnics opens new office in Southern California


SunTechnics expands its business operations in California


SunTechnics installs PV on U.S. Embassy in Geneva

  09/19/2005 SunTechnics establishes subsidiary in the USA

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