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  Now is the time for solar!
Welcome to SunTechnics!

What can solar do for you? By having solar panels, you can independently generate up to 100% of your electrical usage. That means that you can almost eliminate your electric bill, depending on your system size. More questions? Just follow one of these quicklinks to find out, what system suits your needs best:

Solar for your

Clean energy from your home´s roof

You only need a few square feet of roof space to generate clean and economical electricity from sunlight with our residential systems!
Solar for

Solar power for your business

Commercial systems by SunTechnics are not just an impressive commitment to the environment, but also a great economic choice!
Solar for

Farmers cutting electricity costs with photovoltaics

Whether you maintain crops, livestock or land - your electricity costs can be lowered drastically with our agricultural systems!

Should you have some more in-depth questions about Verengo solar power and our service, see below for a helpful guide to our site:

  For reasons on why to go solar or how solar works, click Photovoltaics

  How much might a solar electric system cost and what rebates are available, click Incentives

  For details on SunTechnics system planning or to see installations, click Custom Installations

  More questions, click on Solar FAQ’s

  Get customized solar information for your home or business, Contact Us now

There has never been a better time to go solar! The first step of the process is to contact our dedicated solar consultants to discuss your solar expectations. Then we'll review your annual electricity rates and examine your affordable solar options. After that we'll schedule a complimentary site visit to confirm best placement and design for your solar system.

Please contact us via the CONTACT US form on this website, or call and speak with one of our solar consultants directly at 1-888-786-8321.

We look forward to planning your system with you.

Kind Regards,
Florian Edler
CEO, U.S. Operations

SunTechnics Energy Systems, Inc. | 660 J Street, Suite 270 | Sacramento, CA 95814
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